Women’s Boudoir Photography Look Idea: Lazy Sunday

Rhiann M Women's Boudoir Leave a Comment

You don’t need to be all dressed up to look unbelievably sexy. In fact, we encourage you to dress down with this minimal effort, maximum appeal look. You know that amazing feeling when you wake up on a day off and realize you have nowhere to be? So you hang around the house in an oversized sweater and your underwear, enjoying the way it feels to just kick it without a care in the world? Here at White Lies Photography we absolutely adore that feeling and we love when you feel it while posing around our Boudoir Bedroom. This look can be accomplished in a variety of ways – you can grab a big knit sweater, basic underwear set, knee socks, a loose ribbed shirt, big dress shirt and/or a cardigan – anything that makes you feel cozy and confident. The opportunities are pretty much endless with this style so go with what makes you feel relaxed and ravishing.

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