Women’s Boudoir Photography Look Idea: Sporty Chic

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Boudoir Photography makes you feel like Wonder Woman – so why not have your images reflect that? It takes an incredible amount of strength to book a Boudoir Session, to do something that is all about celebrating you and your body. Show how strong you are with a steamy sporty look. You can rock your jersey, your lover’s jersey or your #1 fave players. If jerseys aren’t your thing don’t worry about it. We also love to see our Boudie Babes rock sports bras, booty shorts, knee socks and sneakers. If there’s an athletic activity that’s changed your life for the better and you want to incorporate it we can definitely do that (although we can’t fit a weight bench in the studio – sorry). Maybe you want to bring boxing gloves, maybe a basketball, maybe ballet shoes – whatever it is that inspires you, we want to see it. You can follow our examples below to the letter or you can take the concept and run in your own direction with it (or forget it completely if you want!)

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